Clear, well-organised signage ensures that visitors, suppliers, customers and deliverers can easily find their way around. After a signage study, we install a simple, understandable local sign scheme with colour coding. It shows in a logical way the route to be followed on the site and unfailingly guides visitors towards the firm, office, entrance or building that they are looking for. The nearest "exit" from the site is also indicated.

  • Informational signs

    These informational signs are ideal for projects on private sites, such as business and enterprise parks, that need high-performance internal signage and high visibility.

  • Multi-company totems

    A joint totem may be installed in front of buildings that house several firms. The firms accommodated there are indicated by an easily readable list of companies.

  • Signage study

    As consultants, we carry out a preliminary signage study, so that we can map out the site and devise a clear, uniform signage concept.

    The signage study helps to show up problem points such as traffic flows, safety, parking options, deliveries (loading and unloading trucks), etc. All the improvable aspects, such as placing totems at business entrances, signage to promote smooth traffic flows, safety signing, barriers etc. are flagged up in our recommendations.

  • Directional signing

    Visitors simply follow the arrow that matches the colour of their destination. At each crossroads or junction, the right way is indicated by arrows and colours.

  • Company totems

    Once the destination road has been reached, individual roadside totems confirm arrival at the right destination. Each firm has its own totem in the colour that was initially assigned to it. These totems show such information as the company’s name and/or the name of the road, as well as the street number.